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Belonging Before Arriving:
Butler University’s innovative, data-driven path to well-being & enrollmentt’s

It’s well established that students who feel a sense of belonging with their campus community are more successful. However, today’s new and incoming students struggle with connectedness, isolation, and imposter syndrome more than any prior generation.

Butler University is widely recognized for innovative student support practices and making data-driven decisions. Using Nearpeer to cultivate healthy peer engagement early in the student journey is an example of how Butler continuously evolves their approach to new student transition and first-year experience.

In this webinar, Butler University's Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Frank Ross and Institute for Well-being Executive Director Dr. Bridget Yuhas will discuss:
➡How Butler used data to drive decision-making and transform the student experience
➡How they fostered greater social connection and belonging with Nearpeer
➡The results, and behavioral insights gained, that inform future vision

Plus, learn about a new Community of Practice you can join for optimizing the student experience, especially for incoming and new students. Launching in 2024, this collaboration between Butler University's Institute for Well-being and Nearpeer will enable participating institutions to share best practices for greater student well-being.

What do new Butler students have to say about Nearpeer? Watch this student interview.

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Coming soon:

"Belonging Before Arriving" Community of Practice

Build synergy by collaborating with likeminded leaders focused on improving student belonging & well-being

Community of Practice
  • Learn and share best practices at bi-monthly meetings

  • Showcase your leadership and impact to raise visibility

Ready to learn more about Nearpeer or the upcoming Community of Practice?

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Leaders are improving recruiting, retention, and inclusion dramatically and easily with higher ed's most student-centric space for belonging and connection.

Our peer-to-peer engagement platform ensures students "find their people" and feel like they belong, improving enrollment, retention, and success.

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